Lu Xin culture is the common wisdom crystallization of Lu Xin people after more than 20 years of continuous innovation and business activities. It is based on customer satisfaction, with continuous innovation and talent as the base. In the process of hard operation, it creates effective value for employees, customers and society. Continue to surpass, create new heights continuously, let the craftsman "Xin" achieve the quality and let the quality promote trust.
One, management idea
Constantly listen to and meet customer needs, guide and exceed customer needs, win customer respect; Promote the healthy development of waterproofing industry, grow together with partners and win the respect of the industry.
Pay attention to corporate responsibility, care for the society, give back to the society and win the respect of the society.
By enhancing the corporate status and brand image, employees have a high sense of honor and pride, and win the respect of their employees.
Two, enterprise spirit
Honesty, responsibility, enterprising, cooperation, innovation
Three. The purpose of the enterprise
To state: industrial prosperity, industrial repatriate To society: energy conservation, environmental protection, sustainable development
To customer: good faith operation and win hand in hand To employees: happy work and Realization
Four. Mission
Efforts should be made to improve the human living environment.
Provide differentiated products and services for different regions and customers.
To provide customers with a win-win platform for sustainable development.
Provide a good working environment and incentive mechanism for employees.
Five, core competitiveness
Pay attention to the long-term development and observe the market order.
Constantly satisfy customers' needs with excellent products and services.
Respect the customer, cooperate with the customer to win together;
Gathering talents, constantly developing, let followers always follow!
Six. Vision
Create a century of Lu Xin and build a harmonious home! Seven, our view of honor and Disgrace The honorable and the brawler are ashamed; Ren Guangrong is responsible for evasive shame, honorable and ashamed.
Those who help others are honorable, selfish people are ashamed, honest people are honorable, those who have no faith are ashamed, and those who give money are honorable, and those who ask for shame are ashamed.
Those who are industrious are glorious, but those who are lazy are ashamed; those who obey the law are glorious, those who violate discipline are ashamed; they love to learn glory and do not advance their shame.
Eight. Our code of conduct
Do not be small but not to be small.
Loyalty, diligence and humility and confidence
Nine. A summary of Lu Xin's enterprise culture
With the craftsman "Xin" quality to build the core of Lu Xin culture, with innovative waterproof material for Lu Xin's mission, with the spirit of communication and continuous innovation to create a hundred years of Lu Xin brand, determined to become the world's first-class waterproof material enterprises.