The roof greening area of xi 'an has exceeded 1 million square meters

作者 :   Befrom : Shandong xindaruxin waterproof material co. LTD   Time : 2016-08-22
      Recently learned from the city administration bureau of xi 'an, since 2011, xi 'an roof green area every year with the speed of 100,000 square meters increase, has implemented a three-dimensional green 475, "hanging garden" area of more than 1 million square meters.
According to the introduction, "sky garden" is a natural temperature regulator, the roof vegetation in summer can block the heat, in winter can be for the floor insulation.Not only so, roof afforestation still can reduce the erosion damage of ultraviolet ray, rain to the building, be helpful to lengthen building life, soften the rigid architectural landscape of the city, increase urban afforestation area with lower cost, adorn the city space.
The government of xi 'an city provides financial support for promoting roof greening.At present, xi 'an roof green subsidy is divided into three levels: garden subsidy 285 yuan per square meter, combined subsidy 220 yuan per square meter, lawn subsidy 180 yuan per square meter.The municipal government requires that existing buildings with less than 12 floors, less than 10 meters in height and no more than 20 years in construction, and with a slope of less than 15 degrees in the top floor of the buildings owned by public institutions, on the premise of meeting the building codes and building safety requirements, should implement roof greening.